Good neighbor™ energy

We like to think of energy coming from an ectogrid™ as Good Neighbor™ Energy. When you are connected to an ectogrid™ – you enable your energy needs (heating or cooling) to be matched by someone else’s opposite energy needs. This reduces the total amount of energy needed for your neighborhood, district or city.

Good Neighbor™ Energy is sustainable, cost efficient and gives you freedom of choice when it comes to how engaged you want to be in your energy system. It is sustainable because of the very high efficiency the system has when balancing heating and cooling, and this is always done before adding any energy to the system. The system operates at a low and flexible temperature and delivers the right temperature to the right user at the right time.

Design philosophy of ectogrid™

All components in an ectogrid™ are highly standardized and modularized. This is a heritage from energy distribution grids and contrary to more advanced local energy systems – operation and maintenance over the life of the system is thought of and made simple from the beginning.

Many advanced local energy systems may reach good performance but once the technical specialist that designed the system isn’t around anymore – you are left with a very complex and unique system. In an ectogrid™, all complexity is handled by the grid and the units in your building are highly standardized and easy to both maintain and to make changes to as your energy needs may change.

Another benefit is that only one grid is needed. If you initially need only one of heating or cooling, you can always at a later time complement at get both delivered without any additional infrastructure having to be built – as the grid always can deliver both.

The ectothermic characteristic is utilized by using smart and self-learning control algorithms to optimize the energy flow and storage.

A business model to suit to your needs

An ectogrid™ is like any grid – a system that involves many different users – traditionally being supplied by an Utility. The business model around ectogrid™ is flexible and can let you choose between the traditional business model – having the local energy company provide the utility (often measured in kWh). You can also be just as engaged as when owning your own solar panel and battery system. You can own your part of the ectogrid™ and get a very low flexible energy cost. Different users connected to the same system can engage on different levels – each customer can make their own individual choice.

You choose between three investment options and are able to increase your engagement whenever you want.

1. You purchase energy from the ectogrid™

The local energy company owns and operates the system, as well as the heat pump or cooling machine inside your premises. The local energy company manages all internal balancing, makes sure that surplus energy is distributed among the connected customers and secures the supply of external balancing energy.

2. Own your equipment

By investing in the equipment inside your premises, you become both a producer and a consumer and take a more active part in the local ectogrid™.

3. Shareholder

You become a shareholder in the whole energy system, which gives you the lowest heat and cooling costs.

How to buy an ectogrid™ or Good Neighbor™ Energy

Currently ectogrid™ is available in the following markets: Sweden, the United Kingdom and Germany. Further markets will be served as the partner network is being strengthened.