An innovation from E.ON

E.ON ectogrid™ is a product and a patented technology, powered by and with heritage from the energy company E.ON. The inventor behind E.ON ectogrid™ is Ph.D. Per Rosén. Per Rosén is a Technical Specialist at Business Innovation at E.ON.

The innovation was first pitched via E.ONs innovation accelerator :agile and immediately put on a fast track towards commercialization. E.ON ectogrid™ is currently being marketed by energy companies in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Ph.D. Per Rosén, the inventor of E.ON ectogrid™

The name E.ON ectogrid™

The name E.ON ectogrid™ comes from ectothermic animals. E.ON ectogrid™ can just like an ectothermic animal shift temperature to adjust to the surrounding environment. This is one of several strong properties with E.ON ectogrid™. It enables E.ON ectogrid™ to work like a giant thermal battery and thus being a very flexible energy system.

An energy revolution

In modern cities there are enough thermal energy flows generated by human activity to provide the base for both heating and cooling of the entire city. By connecting buildings with different needs and balancing residual thermal energy flows between them, E.ON ectogrid™ effectively uses and reuses all available thermal energy and makes it possible to decrease both pollution and the energy consumption in a city. This is a revolution that will help us fight climate change and transform the energy market.

E.ON ectogrid™ – design principles

E.ON ectogrid™ has been designed around the following principles:

  • Balance energy.
    Balance all thermal energy flows in a building cluster. Heating and cooling needs are matched against each other with a very high efficiency.
  • Built-in flexibility.
    E.ON ectogrid™ has been designed in a way that it maximizes the flexibility of the system. If the system can be flexible with respect to when it needs energy it enables more room for intermittent renewable energy.
  • Integrate all energy needs.
    ectocloud™ enables the built in demand side flexibility of E.ON ectogrid™ to be used also for optimizing and minimizing other energy flows (e.g. eMobility, electricity production from PV) in the building cluster.
  • Self-learning and Smart.
    ectocloud™ uses algorithms and data about typical demands over time of users, dates, seasons, weather, local energy production and energy trading prices. The smart cloud system optimizes the energy flow and storage.
  • Freedom of choice.
    E.ON ectogrid™ is a grid solution connecting several energy users. Different members of the same system they can have different preferences with respect to how engaged they want to be in their energy system – a flexible business model enables each one to make their own individual choice.